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Award-winning team of professional digital marketing and development experts. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

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Alpha Media Group is here to help! We can grow your businesses digital presence and create leads with our specialized strategies. We work 1 on 1 with each of our clients to develop a plan that actually works and is tailored to your business needs. Whether you just need a website or you need an entire digital marketing revamp we are the team for the job! Contact us for a free consultation today. 

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We guide our clients through the marketing process monitoring results, refining effective strategies and increasing success.

Digital Professionals

Our team is made up of digital experts with proven results and training. We always do our work with the professional way and don’t take short cuts.

Corporate Support

We don’t only work with small-medium businesses, At AMG we offer corporate services personally tailored to your businesses needs.

Meet Our Team

We have organized a team of experts that together can get any project done with high quality results and great customer service.

Jeff Glass
Chief Operations Officer

Whether your niche is white collar elite or blue collar street, Jeff draws upon 20 years of entrepreneurial insight. He is a major investor in 13 companies. He has built and sold both a junk removal and general contracting business. Jeff realized that marketing is the secret sauce before woefully crowning himself a marketing consultant. More
Rather than fight the times, Jeff has invested in artificial intelligence for guaranteed lead generation. AMG creates jobs, not end them.

Steve Main
Chief Executive Officer

The Main Man (though he’s too humble to say it). He is the founder of Fitness For $10, which hosts several health clubs internationally. Few people match the depth of experience and knowledge that Steve offers your business. Whatever challenge you face, it’s very likely that Steve and his team have overcome it. Cancel your 2 o’clock because here are Steve’s credentials in no particular order:  More
MBA with a concentration in finance, BA in Recreation Administration, and certification in Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Green Belt – Financial Services, and Human Resource Management. And just for fun, Steve holds certification in Winslow Behavioral Assessment and as an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS).

Bryce Billing
Executive Tech Director

“Bryce, Bryce baby!” No one has ever made that joke before. The beautiful website laid before you is one of dozens of digital real estate pieces he’s developed. For over 4 years, Bryce has been immersed in key online tools like WordPress, HTML, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Research Organization (CRO). We occasionally let him out for water and food. More
He has launched a top-of-the-line hosting company. Imagine what Bryce can do for your online presence!

Sean Kollar
Technical Advisor

Sean has over 20 years experience in IT. This includes computer repair, software, web design, social media marketing, sound, and video. Sean also loves troubleshooting software and hardware problems, often being able to find solutions in areas of tech he isn't normally familiar with. Sean attended the University of Phoenix for Visual Communications, as well as the School of Biblical Evangelism. More
Nothing is impossible if you are willing to do the work. Diagnose. Fix. Rinse. Repeat.

Chad Fahlman
Copywriting Director

Copywriting is sales for your business in the form of print. Chad Fahlman is the Copywriting Director for Alpha Media Group. He combines 10 years of copywriting experience with 600+ hours of live sales calls. He is a certified High-Ticket Closer™. Chad satisfies 3 criteria before putting down his pen, More
1) spark the nostalgia of a lifelong bond in new readers, 2) get them excited to be your client and 3) repeat steps 1 & 2. Chad forms a dynamic copywriting duo with his sidekick Dalin Smith. Ask them about content or a consultation.

Lyn Geist
Copywriting Specialist

Bio coming soon. More
Words alone don't get the job done. If you want someone to stop and pay attention, show them something that makes them pause.

Pat Balance
Design & Print Consultant

Pat has been working in the design and print field for the last 30 years. His knowledge and experience range from logo and branding to designing complete marketing and advertising campaigns. He has worked with clients all over the country and for just about ever industry there is. Pat can insure that the design and quality of your collateral materials WOW...all they are presented to. More
In The Competition Of The Business World...Image Does Matter...

Vlad Aionesi
Digital Consultant

Vlad is an entrepreneur evangelist with a heart and a talent for start-ups, the small business owner and the those that need guidance on how to best network their business in the digital world. Vlad is bilingual in Romanian and English and fluent in bringing consistent value to business owners. More
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